Individually, we have expertise in the most critical business functions. Together, we have 43 years of management consulting and strategic planning experience.

Do you find yourself asking, “How can I improve my operating performance?” or “Do I have the systems in place to support my employees, customers and future growth?” You probably ponder these questions — and many others — every day in your quest to thrive and maintain your competitive edge.

Proven results

Here are just a few examples of measurable results we’ve produced for clients:

Streamlined materials management operations, resulting in a 47 percent increase in production and 9 percent decrease in raw materials inventory.

Enhanced hiring system for hourly employees, reducing turnover by up to 50 percent in a two-percent unemployment market.

Improved manufacturing output 144 percent by changing management and the production scheduling process.

Implemented a cost accounting system, reducing operating costs 10 to 50 percent.

Developed a strategic plan that generated a 10 percent sales increase in the first year, and a 100 percent increase in gross profit margin.

Meet the Cogent Team

James Tate — Operations management, production & inventory control, Lean Manufacturing, transition planning, software selection and strategic planning