We find that business leaders usually have an astute sense of intuition. You can sense when something is not right. However, you may not have the internal resources or time to adequately identify the specific problem or implement an effective solution. Other times, you may just want to confirm that your suspicions are accurate.

Trusted advisors

All organizations share common business goals: reduce costs, improve productivity, minimize risk and increase sales and profits. A trusted team of advisors with deep technical expertise and extensive experience can make the difference between continued growth and profitability and a constant struggle just to maintain the status quo (or worse).

The principles and associates at Cogent Management Resources have helped many businesses, nonprofits and government agencies achieve significant results in each of these areas. Your organization can enjoy similar results.

  • Increase human productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Reduce costs by eliminating waste and activities that don’t contribute to the bottom line
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Establish sound financial budgets and operational goals, with the right metrics to measure progress
  • Minimize financial, legal and human resource risk
  • Invest in software and technology, including training, to improve efficiency and streamline operation
  • Control operating expenses

Areas of Expertise:

Investors— Evaluating Human Capital

Investors— Accounting & Finance

ERP Selection and Implementation

Human Resources

Organizational Development

Lean Manufacturing Principles

Production & Inventory Control