Production and Inventory Control is the classic term for the discipline that deals with the flow of raw materials through a production process and their conversion into finished products.

Many business people look on Production & Inventory Control (P&IC) as the key activity in any manufacturing firm. This discipline touches on all aspects of a firm. Plans are created to meet customer demand in the specific time frame. Material procurement schedules; manpower and machine work center capacity constraints; operating costs; manufacturing efficiency; and inventory investment are all factors that must be considered in production operations.

Successful integration of these factors will show up ultimately in corporate profits and return on investment. The better these factors are controlled, the higher the production efficiency and the higher the profits.

There are many things that can pamper, or even curtail, the on-time output of finished goods. The consultants at Cogent Management Resources bring years of hands-on knowledge and a broad range of experience that can help you identify and develop cost efficient solutions to your manufacturing problems.